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Best Bag for Nurses: Buying Guide

Whether you are a registered, student, or family nurse you have to carry a lot of personal and professional stuff for performing your job properly and efficiently. Therefore, something for carrying these essentials is necessary. Your nursing bag makes the carrying of necessary equipment, supplies, and tools possible. Nursing bags come in a variety of designs, colors, sizes, and carrying styles. However, the best work bag for nurses is the one that can accommodate your personal and professional needs.

Features of the Best Work Bag for Nurses

With so many options available on the market, it is quite difficult to choose a perfect nursing bag that can accommodate your professional and personal needs. Therefore, we have gathered a list of the most important features to consider when buying your nursing bag.

1: Maneuverability/Carrying Style

Nurse bags come in a variety of carrying styles such as a tote, cross-body sling, and backpack. It is dependent upon you which carrying style you prefer.

A perfect bag for nurses is one that can be carried two ways; for example, it has handle and shoulder strap or straps. A two-ways carrying bag is comfortable, easy to carry, and doesn’t hinder your movement. Therefore, when your hands are not free, you can simply put the bag over the shoulder, across the body, or on the back. The handle is ideal for grabbing the bag quickly and carrying it in the hands. The best backpack for nurses or tote bag for nurse is comfortable and easy to carry.

2: Size

The size of bag is the most important thing that you should consider. The size of your nursing bag is largely dependent on the items you carry in the bag in your day to day work life.

The best bags for nurses are neither too large nor too small. Therefore a generously-sized bag is essential for you to do your job confidently. The best work bag for nurses is one that can fit all your essential items neatly, but without a lot of excess space.

3: Easy to clean

As a busy nurse, you have to work in an environment where there is a possibility of germs, dirt, bodily fluids, and grime. Therefore, your bag not only collects dirt, but also germs, chemicals, and other residuals you probably don’t want.

The Best work bag for nurses is easy to clean. It is made of machine-washable material or materials that at minimum be wiped or disinfect.

4: Comfortable

As a nurse, you have to work around the clock. Therefore, you need such a bag that doesn’t cause physical discomfort while carrying it for a longer time and climbing a long flight of stairs. Poorly designed bags are uncomfortable and may cause neck, shoulder, or back pain.

A well-designed ergonomic bag with padded straps, bottom, and sides is comfortable. The best work bag for nurses always has multi compartments. The multi compartments distribute the load better and gives you a comfortable feeling.   

5: Upright Bag

A bag with a sturdy base and padded or rigid sides can stand upright even when it is completely empty. It keeps your items in place and prevents them from falling out of the bag. It collects less dirt and dust than a slouch bag.  

An upright bag also offers easy and quick access to items inside the bag. It is also useful when you are traveling because you can put it down or on another bag. 

6: Durable

The best work bags for nurses are always made of durable material that can withstand the hustle and bustle of a busy medical environment. Therefore, choose a bag made from heavy-duty material consisting of 600-1200 denier (thickness).

Bags made of water-resistant nylon/ polyester and canvas with thick cushioned straps; strong heavy-duty metal zippers are durable. Nylon is stronger than polyester and provides more abrasion resistance.  However, Polyester retains its color better and more water-resistant than nylon.

7: Lightweight

As a nurse, you have to carry much personal and professional items, therefore check out how much the bag weighs when empty. A perfect bag for nurses is made of sturdy and lightweight materials. Carrying a lightweight bag your body and muscles experience less strain.

A heavy bag may cause discomfort mostly in the shoulder and upper neck and sometimes in the wrist, hands, fingers, elbows hips, and knee. Bags made of nylon or polyester are lightweight and durable. A lightweight bag spares you all of the unpleasantries and allows you to move easily and freely, without any discomfort and pain.

8: Storage space and compartments

When you are on the go, you don’t have time for clutter. Therefore the ideal bag for nurses is spacious but compact not bulky or unwieldy.

A spacious and multi-compartment bag allows you easier and faster access to items in the bag. If your bag lacks built-in compartments you can buy a travel organizer and insert it in the bag.

9: Multi-Pockets

The best bag for nurses has many interior and exterior pockets of different sizes. Exterior pockets are easily accessible and can be used to keep common items such as a stethoscope, clipboard, smartphone, writing utensils, and bandage scissors, etc. The interior pockets are suitable for keeping valuables such as cards, keys, and money.

Mesh pockets on the sides of the bag are essential. They maximize the storage capacity of the bag. You can use these pockets for keeping items such as water bottles, snacks, and cell phones within reach but isolated from professional items.

10: Laptop compartment

The laptop compartment is not the necessary feature of the perfect nursing bag. However, if you want to carry your laptop or it is part of your duty, then opt for a bag that has a laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve can be used for many other purposes such as for keeping papers, medical reports, and other items you want to keep isolated from everything else.

11: Water-resistant

You may not need a 100% waterproof bag but a bag made of water-resistant material is essential. It protects your personal and professional gear from getting wet, especially when you are traveling or commuting in varying degrees of rainfall or snow.

High quality nylon and polyester bags are water-resistant, sturdy enough to withstand different conditions, and also easy to clean or wash.

12: Straps and Handles

Sturdy handles and straps are essential features of the perfect bag for nurses. Thin straps and handles can sharply press into your shoulders and palm and can cause issues like neck pain, headache, and bruising. Therefore, opt for a bag with padded or cushioned straps and soft handles.

The padded straps and soft handles won’t dig into your shoulders and palms. The straps are most susceptible to tear. Therefore, observe the sewing and thread material, and always prefer double stitching on stress points in the bag.

13: Interior of the bag

Peek inside the bag and make it sure that the interior of the bag is made of lightweight and easy to clean materials. The interior of the bag made of heavy material may increase the weight of the bag. Also, consider the color of the interior and choose a light color interior because light color helps you to easily see items inside the bag.

14 Zippers

Zippers are under constant stress because they are one of the most used parts of your nursing bag. The break of zippers is not less than a nightmare, especially when you are in a hurry. The best bag for nurses always has good-quality heavy-duty zippers.

15: Look

Your nursing bag is the part of your professional attire. A perfect nursing bag looks attractive, discreet, more professional, and functional but not too bulky. Some people are so obsessed with the color that they cannot compromise on it. Therefore, choose a color that suits you and your professional look best.

The fashion industry has responded to the demand for stylish nursing bags. Nowadays nursing bags come in various colors and different print. These cute bags for nurses look stylish and professional, but not too stuffy.

16: Price

Nursing bags are available in different price ranges. You can buy a chic and practical bag at a low price or can spend hundreds for a designer or high-end bag.

Sometimes a cheap bag is more expensive because it can quickly rip, and may compel you to buy another one within a few weeks or months. Therefore, always opt for a right bag that can look after your gear for a longer time.


The duty of a nurse is very busy and difficult but rewarding therefore you should properly be prepared for doing your job. For this purpose, you have to carry a lot of personal and professional essential items in a bag. So you need best backpack for nurses or the best bag for nurses to easily fit and carry your items. The best work bag for nurses is durable, lightweight, comfortable, easy to clean and carry, and can hold everything you need during your duty. A perfect nursing bag can make your job easier while and inadequate and wrong bag means you’re stuck with an uncomfortable, awkward bag, all day.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned features of the nursing bag will help you in choosing your next bag that can accommodate your needs and help you in performing your duty properly and efficiently.

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