Types of Bags and Their Uses and Features

Without bags every aspect of life is incomplete, be it an outdoor recreation, traveling, office working, college days, or carrying your essentials such as laptop, makeup items, baby essentials, etc. Bag is a must-have accessory because it fulfills both practical and aesthetic purposes. There are many types of bags. Each one is specifically designed to serve different functions raging from general to niche.

Bags serve the purpose of carrying your belongings and describe your style and fashion status. As bag is highly visible accessory therefore people love them more than everything and spend more money on this extension than anything.

32 Kinds of Bags and Their Uses and Features

In the following sections we are going to provide the detail information about the features and uses of different kinds of bags. There are plenty of different types of bags for different occasions. So scroll down and have a look at the different types of bags and their use and features.


types of handbags

Handbag is a small or medium-sized bag used for carrying personal items such as wallet, keys, phone, cards, and other small items. It is carried in hand or worn over the shoulder. It comes in different shapes such as rectangular, oblong, horseshoe shape, circular, etc.

Some handbags have a single compartment with a single internal pocket while others have many pockets and separators. It is a fashionable accessory and usually carried by women. There are many types of handbags like clutch, satchel, hobo, tote etc.


types of bags-backpack

Backpack is a generic term for any bag that is carried on the back. Backpack has thick shoulder straps, external loops, and sometimes also a padded hip belt. The hip belt transfers the weight from your shoulder to hips.

Multi compartments and pockets of the backpack allow you to easily access and organize your belongings. With the external loops and straps, you can attach many things. There are different types of backpacks to accommodate your personal and professional needs. Backpacks are often used for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Backpack is also considered the best type of bag for travelling. We recommend using of backpacks with good back support.

Beach Bag          

all types of bags-beach-bag

Most beach bags come in tote shape, but all totes are not beach bags.  Beach bags are made of water and sand-resistant materials such as vinyl and PVC (a type of plastic). Beach bags made of vinyl and PVC are easy to clean and also protect your items from water and sand.

Beach bag is used for carrying personal items such as towels, swimsuit, water bottle (hydration), and suntan lotion.

Crossbody Bags

different kinds of bags-crossbody-bag

These types of bags have a long adjustable shoulder strap and worn across the body. The strap distributes the weight between your shoulder and back. Crossbody bag can be easily worn and carry during the errands when your hands are full.

Crossbody bag is easily accessible and more secure. It is a perfect choice from day to night for many people because of its practicality, style, flair, security, comfort, and versatility.

Boston Bag

all types of bags-Boston-bag

Boston bag is a barrel-shaped bag with a top zipper closure and dome-shaped sides. It is carried in hand with its two handles. Boston bag is often made from durable materials such as leather, nylon, and canvas. It is often used as a traveling and general-utility bag.

Bowling Bag

kinds of bags-bowling-bag

Typically bowling bag is a medium-sized, trapezium-shaped long bag with two handles. It is usually wider at the bottom and tapered at the top. It was used for carrying bowling equipment like bowling balls, shoes, towels, tape, etc. Today bowling bags come in different size and has become a fashion accessory.

Accordion Bag

all kinds of bags-accordion-bag

Accordion bag is designed on the framework of musical instrument ‘accordion’ and its main compartment opens and closes like an accordion.

Accordion bags come in small and medium-size and often made of durable material like leather. These bags are suitable for daily use and walking to work.

Belt Bag

different-kinds of bags-belt-bag

Belt bag is worn around the waist and typically has a detachable pocket. The adjustable belt allows you to wear it over the shoulder. It is functional and convenient. Now belt bag comes in different styles due to which it has become famous among youth.

It is often used by athletes, but can be used during traveling, visiting museums, and going to the stadium for keeping the most essential and valuable belongings.

Camera Bag

bags types-camera-bag

A camera bag is a padded bag with a specially designed compartment for holding and protecting the camera and other equipment. Camera bag is made of durable and weatherproofed material. It comes in different sizes and carrying styles such as backpack, messenger bag, holster bag, and rolling cases.

The size of the camera bag matters because you have to carry other essential items such as a tripod, phone, laptop, lenses, etc. in it. 

Bucket Bag

types of handbags-bucket-bag

It is a round-based, deep, unstructured, simple, floppy, bucket-shaped bag with a drawstring cinched opening. Typically it is a single compartment leather bag with no extra pockets.

Bucket bag is ideal for everyday use and you can put all your stuff in it. You can use it as school, work, and gym bag, and also for carrying fragile items while going to the picnic or traveling.

Doctor’s Bag (Medical Bag)

types of handbags-doctor-bag

It is a specially designed portable duffle-shaped bag with a flat bottom and rounded sides. It usually has one or two handles for carrying in the hands and sometimes also has a shoulder strap for carrying over the shoulder. Its wide opening allows easy access to items.

Doctor’s bag is used by doctors or other healthcare professionals for carrying medicine and other medical equipment. It is usually made of leather because leather is durable and common in professional life.

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Barrel Bag

many types of bags-barrel-bag

Typically barrel bag is a large barrelshaped bag that has pull strings or zippers at the top for fastening the main opening. It has two handles and a long adjustable strap. Therefore, you can carry it in hand, over the shoulder and across the body.

Barrel bags are normally made of canvas and sometimes of leather. It is famous amongst athletes and travelers for its versatile carrying style and capacity to carry numerous objects.

Drawstring Bag

types of backpacks-drawstring-bag

It is a single compartment flexible bag with a drawstring top opening. Drawstring bags are budget-friendly, lightweight, durable, easily accessible, secure because it cinches tightly, and roomy but space saver.

The simple design of the drawstring bag makes it easy to carry. It is suitable for a wide variety of occasions like beach and game day, traveling, school bag, storing baby toys, carrying gym clothes, and sleepover accessories.

Duffle Bag

all types of bags-duffel-bag

Duffle bag was named after the town Duffel in Belgium, where originally the thick cloth for making duffle bag was made. Historically duffle bag was a large cylindrical bag with drawstring or zipper closed top, two top handles, and a shoulder strap. However, today the term duffle bag is used for any large “holdall” bag made of thick material.

Duffle bag is at the top of the list of types of bags for air travel, gym, sports, and recreation.

Diaper Bag

types of shoulder bags-diaper-bag

Without handbag a woman cannot go out such as, without a diaper bag it is difficult for moms to leave home with her bay. A diaper bag is not just for keeping diapers, but all your and baby’s essential things which you need when you out of the home with your baby.

Diaper bags are spacious, ergonomic, have multi compartments and pockets. Diaper bags are available in different carrying styles such as a tote, shoulder bag, backpack, etc.  

Field Bag

different types of bags-field-bag

Field bag is used for fieldwork therefore. It is usually made from durable material which can withstand all types of conditions during long fieldwork. Typically, field bag has a single main compartment and large utility pockets on the outside.

Golf Bag

all types of bags-golf-bag

The golf bag is designed for keeping and carrying golf equipment. It has multiple sections for different things. It keeps your golf paraphernalia organized, safe, secure, and relatively clean.

Staff golf bag, stand golf bag, cart golf bag, tour golf bag, and travel golf bag are different kinds of bags for keeping and carrying golf equipment. A Golf bag is must-having gear for all golfers, whether amateur or professional.

Guitar Bag

different kinds of bags-guitar-bag

Guitar bag is also called Gig Bag. It is a specially designed carry-case for keeping and carrying the guitar and other instruments. It keeps your guitar safe when you’re traveling or commuting. Guitar bags are available in hard and softshell.

For those who gig a lot, guitar bag is a must-having accessory.  Plenty of pockets, storage, and padded shoulder straps are the features of an ideal guitar bag.

Garment Bag

different types of bags-garment bag

Garment bag or suit bag is a type of luggage usually used for keeping and transporting clothes. There are made of different materials and come in different sizes and shapes, but all have a separate and specifically designed compartment for keeping attire.

Garment bag keeps clothes clean and wrinkles free during your travel. You can also use a garment bag as storage for keeping off-season clothes, shoes, sheets, curtains, and tablecloths.  

Gym Bag

types of shoulder bags-gym-bag

There is no specific shape of gym bag. You can use different kinds of bags as your gym bag that fulfills your necessities. Choosing a gym bag, the size of the bag, your activity (whether it is swimming, running, weight lifting, etc.), compartments, and pockets of the bag should be kept in mind.

For every regular gym-goer, gym bag is must-have gear. A gym bag can be used for a variety of actives such as hiking, traveling, and camping.

Gladstone Bag

types of handbags-Gladstone-bag

It was named after William Ewart Gladstone, the four-time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Typically it is a boxy deep leather bag with a rigid hinged frame at top for opening and closing the bag.

It is a spacious bag that makes it ideal for traveling. It can be used by doctors and medics for carrying medicines and examination tools.  

Laptop Bag

different types of bags-laptop-bag

A laptop bag has a particularly designed padded compartment for laptop that protects your laptop from shocks and spills. Laptop bag also has the capacity for keeping your other essential tech, accompanying accessories, and belongings.

It is available in different types such as messenger, backpack, and tote. Though a laptop bag is specifically designed for transporting laptop, but can be used for many other purposes. Laptop bag is the best type of bag for travelling.

Messenger Bag

types of shoulder bags-messenger-bag

Messenger bag is a medium-sized bag with a flap on the front and a long adjustable cross-body strap which allows you to wear it against the lower back. You can pull a messenger bag to the side or front without removing it.

Messenger bag is easy to carry and gives you a more professional and stylish look. It is used for traveling, carrying office paraphernalia, currier service, as a school bag, and also carrying a laptop. Messenger bags are the perfect types of bags for travel.

Packing Cubes

all types of bags-packing-cubes

Packing cubes are breathable, lightweight zippered containers often made of mesh fabric. They are used in luggage and everyday bags for organizing items when you go traveling. They come in different sizes and can easily fit into a carry-on bag, backpack, or suitcase.

Packing cubes help you to easily access and find what you need in your luggage. They create extra space by keeping your stuff compact.

Portfolio Bag

types of bags-portfolio-bag

Usually, it is a messenger shaped bag made of rigid materials such as leather. It has a shoulder strap and handle for carrying over the shoulder and in hand. It comes in different sizes and professional colors such as black and tan.

Portfolio bag protects papers from bending. Businessmen, office goers, artists, photographers, and medical representatives use it for carrying papers, samples of medicines, artwork, photographs, and other personal items.  

Shoulder Bag

types of shoulder bags

Shoulder bag has a single strap and worn over one shoulder and gives you a hands-free feeling.  Shoulder bag is a spacious, convenient, ergonomic, and stylish bag. It is often made of leather and waxed canvas.

Whether it is an informal excursion with your friends or a formal meeting with someone, you can use a shoulder bag for carrying your essential personal items; it will not let you down.

Saddle Bag

different kinds of bags-saddle-bag

Typically saddle bag is a small horseshoe-shaped bag. It is hung from the saddle on the horse or attached under the saddle or seat of the bike. It has enough space for carrying essential accessories such as tools, first-aid-kit or rain gear, etc.

Today, many fashionable handbags come in saddle bag’s iconic shape. These handbags are practical and glamorous.

Tote Bag

types of handbags-tote-bag

Tote bag is a large handbag bag with two straps for carrying in hand or over the shoulder and a wide and easy opening top. The wide top opening allows you easy access to items while walking.  

 Tote bags are made of a variety of materials such as cotton, jute, canvas, and leather. Though canvas and leather tote bags are expensive, but they are durable and stylish. Tote bags can be used as a school, beach, work, laptop, and everyday shopping bag. Tote bag is also the best type of bag for travelling as it offers your easy and quick access to your essential even on the go.

Teacher Bag

different types of bags-teacher-bag

Every teacher needs a reliable bag for carrying things like laptop, mobile phone, lunch box, files, textbooks, etc. There is no specific shape of the teacher bag. You can use different types of bags as teacher bag which fulfills your requirements.

Teachers can use a tote, backpack, or messenger bag which is easy to organize, spacious, durable, comfortable, and of course looks cool.

Rack-top Bag (Trunk)


The trunk is attached to the rack of the two-wheeler. It is made of high denier and sturdy material which can withstand all types of conditions.

If bike is the source of your transportation for school, work, commute, venturing into overnight bike trips, errands, or vacation then you should have a trunk bag. Trunk bag removes the weight from your hands, back and shoulder allows you to enjoy your ride freely. 

Tennis Bag

types of shoulder bags-tennis-bag

Tennis bag is designed for keeping and carrying tennis paraphernalia such as racquets, balls, grips, socks, towels, body spray or cologne, sunscreen, shoes and tennis clothes, etc. It keeps equipment safe, secure, organized, and accessible.

Tennis bags come in different shapes (such as racquet bag, backpack, and duffle) and size (from three packs to fifteen packs), therefore choose the right type and size which can accomplish your needs.


types of handbags-weekender-bag

Weekender is a large rectangular base, soft-sided bag with two handles, a long adjustable shoulder strap, and a zippered top. Typically weekender has a single compartment and a single pocket inside while outside it has many pockets. You can quickly grab it from the handles and carry in hand, over the shoulder, or across the body.

Weekender is one among the desirable types of bags for air travel and weekend trips. It has enough capacity for storing items like clothes, toiletries, and other essentials


The functionality and fashion statement make the bag a must-have accessory.  There are many reasons for buying bags such as travel, sport, style, and outdoor reaction, etc. Therefore, there are different types of bags for different occasions. Hence when you go for buying your next bag keep in mind your needs and features and functions of the bag. Always choose such a bag that fulfills your requirements and also keeps your fashion status and style up.

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